We at Wanderers Wealth believe it is important to share our skill and knowledge with everyone. Therefore, we offer tax training workshops that include introductory and intermediate courses as well as advanced workshops designed to meet the needs of a large variety of participants.

The desire to create these workshops comes from Kathleen’s past volunteering experiences that included Microfinancing projects, working and teaching vulnerable people in Social Enterprises from Uganda over to Vietnam. Her focus is to educate vulnerable people in underdeveloped countries on financial systems and tools, ultimately giving them access to knowledge and their financial freedom.
However, these workshops can be designed for anyone that needs help with understanding financial systems and tools and international taxation issues. In deciding which workshop is right for you, or your organization, it is important to consider your own needs and objectives, as well as your current level of knowledge and experience.
We can offer the following workshops:
  • Introductory workshop: Aims at providing participants with a basic knowledge of a broad spectrum of topics and an understanding of how this knowledge can be applied in practice.
  • Intermediate workshop: Designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the more complex issues relating to a specific topic.
  • Advanced workshop: Tackle complex issues by means of practical workshops which incorporate case studies and group discussions to examine the application of principles in real-world scenarios.
Wherever you are located or whatever your needs are we are able to create a unique workshop for your participants.

We offer fixed fee workshops. In order to receive a personalized proposal please send an email to or simply leave us a message below with your inquiry.


Example of past public engagement in Singapore:

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