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What if your ‘someday’ is calling you NOW?

Are you DONE with owing a lot of money to the tax office at the end of every financial year? 

Are you DONE with not even being present most of the time during the year in your high taxing home country and not being able to enjoy the benefits of where your tax money goes yet seeing so much of your money disappear?

Are you DONE with wasting your time on Google looking for answers on how to minimize your taxes as a location independent business owner?

Are you DONE with hearing all these rumours about the possibility of obtaining tax residency in countries without even having to stay 6 months in them but you’re doubting whether the source of this rumour is trustworthy?

Are you DONE with dodgy middlemen that are trying to sell you easy offshore structures in order to make a quick buck without telling you anything about the consequences thereof and your future obligations?


Imagine if you could finally figure out:

What your current international obligations are and how you can break free from high taxes.

What options around the world save you a lot of money and the ideal corporate structure for you.

What your ongoing obligations look like and the requirements you have to fulfill to stay compliant.

You don’t need to be as big as Google or Amazon before you decide that you too can have a tax optimization strategy.

You don’t need to be earning 7-figures to qualify for tax incentive programs or for low tax rates to be applicable to you.

You don’t need to continue contributing to a high tax home country if you’re barely ever there.

You don’t need to believe that tax strategies are only for people who understand the corporate world.

You don’t have to be confined by borders when your business is digitalized and serves an international clientele.


You are allowed to play it BIG just like Google and Amazon do! 

You are allowed to take advantage of other countries’ low taxes and tax incentive programs that were designed to attract foreign investment. That’s exactly what they were made for. To attract foreigners. 

You are allowed to look beyond your home country’s offerings – especially, when your business is operating beyond borders.

You are allowed to plan and prepare for the expansion of your business even if you’re just at the beginning of your journey.

You are allowed to have an international tax strategy in place and an ideal corporate structure because they are absolutely legal as long as you stay compliant with all your obligations. 

Here is how it could work for you: 

Paying Taxes when residing in a high taxing country such as Canada

Let’s assume you earn 100,000 CAD gross income 
in a year.

You’ll have to pay around 16,150 CAD in 
Federal Taxes.

You’ll also have to pay around 8,300 CAD in 
Provincial Taxes.

That’s a total of 24,450 CAD owed in Taxes (without including Social Security Contributions charges on top of everything which can easily amount to another 4,000 CAD per year).

 That’s around 24.45% in taxes owed. Almost 1/4 of what you earned.

That leaves you with 75,550 CAD in your pockets after taxes. 



Paying Taxes when successfully shifting tax residency to a low tax country such as Bulgaria

Let’s assume you earn the same amount of money of 100,000 CAD gross income in Bulgaria (just to keep things simple…).

You’ll have to pay 10,000 CAD in taxes to Bulgaria because the income tax rate in Bulgaria is a flat rate of 10% (without including Social Security Contributions).

That leaves you with 90,000 CAD in your pockets after taxes.

This means that by moving your tax residency from a high taxing country such as Canada (applicable to any Western Country) to Bulgaria 

you’ve saved 15,000 CAD in a year

Imagine all the things you could do with an extra 15,000 CAD PER YEAR! That’s 75,000 CAD in 5 years.

Let's summarize again what could happen to you...

Why should you work with ME?

I’m NOT your regular offshore provider 

Previous International Tax Lawyer experience brought into your unique circumstances 

to design your international strategy.

I’m a full-time traveler and the founder & CEO of Wanderers Wealth.

Having visited over 40 countries, having lived in more than 3 different countries and having worked as an International Tax Lawyer and in Diplomacy, I’ve accumulated invaluable experience when it comes to advising you on how to do business abroad, solve your residency and incorporation matters.

I possess a broad range of competencies in the International business and tax industry. With my international profile, fluency in 5 languages and by balancing entrepreneurship and 2 years of full-time travel I’ve helped hundreds of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Freelancers, Expats, Location Independent Entrepreneurs around the world with their international tax and corporate issues.

I will make sure to provide you with all necessary information to make the right decisions for your international tax strategy and corporate structure set up.

My unique Blueprint

After 2 years of extensive consulting experience and working with hundreds of clients all over the world, I’ve seen what makes or breaks an international strategy. I developed the Blueprint to Global Wealth which relies on 4 Fundamental Pillars to streamline the exact process that will lead you to save thousands of dollars:

The above Blueprint combines what I believe to be the main catalyst: 

Tax Residency obligations, which then determine the flexibility and options of business set ups around the world, activating your overall global tax obligations, your ongoing requirements and ultimate tax saving benefits and accumulation of your Global Wealth. 

Once we’ve made certain that you’ve cut ties with your high taxing home country, we can then look for a new tax residency, the location of your overseas company set up and your overseas bank accounts which are the pillars that will catapult you to being able to reduce your current tax rate and save massive amounts of tax money in the years to come.

Your business doesn’t know any borders and you serve an international clientele – So, why would you confine your strategy to your home country? You’re already thinking globally and borderless on a business level to reach as many people as possible – So, let’s take that same concept and let’s build you a solid international tax strategy and corporate strategy that will take you to the next level as an entrepreneur. 

My Commitment to you

I am an International Tax Consultant, previous International Tax Lawyer, with 2 years of consulting experience that has helped hundreds of Digital Nomads, borderless Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Expats with their International Tax Strategy and Corporate Structures.

The 1:1 Strategy Session is for VIP clients that want to work with me at the closest level, which means I’ll fully play in your team as the expert and consultant. We are in this together. I will get to know your business and your international lifestyle inside and out, and research, explore and present strategies to you.

I only work with 4 VIP clients max at a time, and that’s for a reason.

You’ve probably seen many offshore incorporators that will sell you an offshore structure with ease as long as you wire them a few thousand dollars. Sure, you can easily open an offshore company in the Cayman Island and pay 0% tax there. But will this Cayman Island Company answer all your needs and will your country of tax residency let you get away with it? Usually not.

Will a bank account in the Seychelles facilitate your business operations and let you repatriate your profits back into your home country? Probably not.

Most offshore incorporators won’t inform you about the actual practicalities around your set up, they won’t listen to your personal and business needs and they surely won’t inform you about your ongoing tax obligations, filing requirements and alternative options. Their only goal is to sell you their product. 

There’s nothing that can equal the contribution of a quality International Tax Consultant. Getting a quality International Tax Consultant will save you a lot of time, money and stress in the years to come.

I am fully committed to help you with all things tax related such as your tax residency, incorporating a business to minimize taxes, banking solutions and international healthcare insurance solutions. I personally make sure that we’ll save you a lot of money by finding you better, tax optimized solutions, by avoiding making expensive mistakes.

My 1:1 clients get the highest level of support that is unmatched in the industry as I personally make sure to present you with various international strategies. I also make sure that you have a proper understanding of the implications of the international tax strategies and corporate structures and I help you navigate through an increasingly tough regulatory and tax environment.


What you’ll get:

  • 1 x 60-minutes Private Video Session where I’ll present you with up to 3 different International Tax Strategies and Corporate Structures which forms your personal and unique Blueprint to Global Wealth including what to do with your tax residency, where to incorporate your international business and how to repatriate your profits into your bank account.
  • 1 x 30-minutes Discovery Call (before our Private Video Session) where I get to know you and your business better so that I can learn as much as possible about your current situation and present to you how we can design a tax optimization strategy based on your individual needs.
  • Pre-Video Session questionnaire so we can learn as much as possible about what is currently bothering you the most about your personal and business tax situation and where you would like to be headed in the future.
  • Written Summary about the things discussed during the Video Session, including up to 3 possible strategies with a breakdown of estimated fees for set up costs for company, bank accounts and tax residency, as well as next steps that are required.
  •  Follow-up emails to make sure that you’ve understood everything that was talked about in the Video Session and in the Written Summary. 
  • At this point you’re free to compare the fee estimates I’ve provided you with with others on the internet. Alternatively, I’m happy to make an introduction to a professional from my large network of accountants, lawyers and offshore providers where required or you can still choose to go for the whole Strategy Session Pack where I personally will set up everything for you. I’m pretty flexible and want to make sure that YOUR needs are met.
  • In this Strategy Session I’ll design your ideal solution and you’ll receive a personalized Strategy with recommendations about where to set up your personal tax residency / business / bank accounts and your future obligations and requirements.
  • My goal is that you walk away feeling clear about what tax optimization strategies are available to your unique circumstances and what the implications thereof are. 
  • You’ll also get a 50% discount code on all our digital products such as our e-books, templates, guides, and online courses.

Working with me at the private client level is a serious 4-figure investment. 

My experience and expertise relies on numerous hours spent researching rules, keeping up with the newest tax incentive programs, exploring viable solutions for your unique circumstances, putting together the puzzle pieces for you so that you can fully rely on the strategies I present to you.

Most offshore providers won’t touch subjects such as Controlled Foreign Company rules, Permanent Establishment rules, Tax Residency rules, Central Management and Control rules, Double Tax Agreements, Withholding Taxes, Social Security contributions etc. because they are seemingly complex. 

But I DO. Uncovering complex international tax and corporate issues is my passion. Translating these complex topics in such a way that anyone can understand it is my gift.

Please keep in mind that I expect you to be completely open, honest, willing and financially ready when working this closely together with me. If this is not where you’re at yet please refer to my courses page for resources which will help you get there.

This Strategy Session is for you if:

You are a Digital Nomad, Location Independent Business Owner, Borderless Entrepreneur, Freelancer or Expat who wants to figure out their international tax obligations and corporate structure.

You are ready to learn more about your tax optimization strategy so that we can start saving you money and give you peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the start of your business journey or whether you’ve been in business for years.

You are tired of owing a lot of tax money at the end of every financial year and you want to be one of those successful entrepreneurs that have managed to set up tax beneficial structures around the world leaving them with more money to give back to the community or to reinvest back into your businesses.

You have altogether given up on understanding your taxes. Don’t worry, I have a lot of clients that come to me after not having declared any taxes for the past 5-10 years. I’m here to help you navigate through the complex issues of tax and corporate set ups so that we can clean up the mess and get you up to speed with all your obligations.

You are open and love learning about new topics such as tax and corporate rules even though they may seem daunting to begin with. I promise to make it a fun experience and share my enthusiasm around this topic with you so that you too become excited about the new opportunities that are available to you. 

You want to have it all. The location independence, a successful business, more money in your bank without having to work yourself to full exhaustion, all whilst remaining in compliance and simply taking advantage of fantastic tax incentive programs and low tax countries around the world that were designed to attract foreigners.

Please note that while there are more options available to you if you have the flexibility of moving around we understand that not everybody is or wants to be location independent. Together we’ll uncover your preferences in the discovery call and the questionnaire. I’m here to design your ideal international strategy even if you’re still tied to your home country or have an established home base somewhere.

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My prices will always go up

I uplevel fast and keep increasing my rates. I don’t ever do any specials on my 1:1 services. And those that have found the courage and made the investment know that if I’m giving you the roadmap of how to save close to 20,000$ per year, you should be thrilled to make this investment for yourself and your business even though making an investment always feels a little scary.

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I only work with maximum 4 VIP clients at a time. I fully commit myself to studying your case in as much as detail as possible which is why I limit the number of clients I take on. Also, when I’m not reading publications on the latest international tax news and strategies, and I’m often travelling full-time.

It's time to take control over how much money you spend on taxes!

It's time to think and act like the global entrepreneur that you are!


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