Digital Nomad Tools For Real Success

I’ve been a Digital Nomad for over 3.5 years. If there was something like a corporate ladder in the Digital Nomad job description that’s exactly how my career as a Digital Nomad progressed. 

I started out with one client at the beginning. They were on a retainer. At the same time I had a couple of freelancing tasks here and there that kept me afloat and that financed my travels. With an academic background, it felt natural to me to get into helping out Master Students and PhD Professionals with proofreading their Thesis. I also wrote government proposals here and there. I did that for about a year until I decided that I wanted to go all-in on my own business. 

Not going to lie it was a scary thing to do. To tell people I wasn’t available for random/odd jobs that were bringing in money to go all-in on my own business and simply focus on that. But Oh my gosh, I’m so happy I did that.

Fast forward to today I can confidently say that I’m a Leader within the Digital Nomad space. I’m so grateful that I get to help and guide my clients and students through the seemingly complex topic of being a Global Citizen and the tax implications thereof. And I get to do that whilst continuing my own journey as a full-time Digital Nomad. Living and breathing what I preach. 

The contrast of how my life was 3 years ago – trying to do all different odd jobs to bring in some cash flow – to today, when I just recently became a property owner, got invited by a Member of Parliament to consult on their Digital Nomad Bill and secured a deal with another Government to promote their Digital Nomad Visa – it’s just amazing to see how much can change in so little time. And trust me, I don’t take this leader title lightly and I work on listening and hearing what my community has to say on a daily basis. 

I ask my community questions, I listen to them, I try to improve myself on a daily basis and I show up even if I don’t feel like it. If you’re still skeptical have a look at my social media

Something I get asked a lot is – how do you handle all of that

And my first answer to that is.. well, it’s an online business

But the other day I was really digging deeper into the ‘things‘ I couldn’t live without and that make my life so much easier and better. I’m not going to list the obvious things such as having a laptop and a webcam. But I’m diving much deeper here: 

  • I got a Mentor. You’ve probably heard me talk about him before – Jim Fortin – he basically taught me how to rewire my brain to get ANYTHING I want in life. The best part about it – he is doing currently a FREE training. Make sure to register for it. I did this training about 2 years ago and it transformed my life. 
  • I got a Business Coach because lets be honest: after 7 years of studying, I had no idea how to run an online business. Having an online business is sooo much more than just simply hoping that one of your posts goes viral and I learnt pretty much all I do from James Wedmore. I highly recommend you start getting familiar with him by listening to his podcast.
  • I surround myself with like-minded individuals. Community is soo important and my friends over at Nomad Escape are soon hosting their next business retreat in Mexico. If you could do with some new friends, go check it out. 
  • I use the most user-friendly online platform out there to host my products and services. They’re offering a 14-day FREE trial.  

  • I use WiseRevolut, and Revolut Business for all international (business) bank transfers and even things such as paying rent to our Balinese / Mexican landlord etc.
  • I use Safetywing for my Health Insurance which fully caters to nomads.
  • I use my AMEX for every dollar I pay to get reward points back which then translate to free flights.
  • I use CakeDefi to generate passive income (amongst others).
  • I used Canva Pro to create an amazing brand that is visually appealing. 
  • I use for all our internal processes, strategies and projects and to communicate with my team.

Those are only a few of the tools I use on a daily basis.

Really they have helped me catapult me to the Next Level. I will keep expanding on the list as I learn and grow more. Because let’s be real here. If you are your own boss, your business will only grow to the extent that YOU grow and evolve.

To your success.

Ps: This post contains affiliate links that are at no additional cost to you, but I may earn a small commission.


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