Digital Nomad Jobs that are Trending

With the influx of digital business and traditional companies pivoting towards digitalization in recent times due to whatever happened during the last 2 years.., the inevitable result was a series of remote jobs that are suddenly becoming mainstream. More than ever, digital nomad jobs have been super high in demand. With more and more entrepreneurs and start-ups becoming location-independent, it does seem like the trend is only going to accelerate more in the next few years.

Digital nomads and remote workers have the flexibility most of the time to travel from one location to another. However, they must be prepared to have the necessary gear; Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are a must to perform their work anywhere they want from.  

They also must stay in places with strong Wifi to make sure they can still be connected with their customers and colleagues. These days, more millennials are giving up the route of going to traditional 9-5 office jobs in favor of remote work and high-paying online jobs. After all, working in a cafe overlooking a beach is more enjoyable than spending hours a day commuting and battling with traffic to get to the office.

There’s a wide range of jobs available for digital nomads to choose from. If you enjoy interacting and educating people, you might want to be an online language teacher. If you’re more into designing and great with arts, then you may try to work as a graphic designer. 

There are a lot of lists online where you can find hundreds of different jobs that you can do online but at some point, you’ll have to decide what to do and take action. If you think you are ready to get started as a Digital Nomad, then check out the list that we’ve prepared of jobs that are very trending for someone who wants to not only become a digital nomad but be successful with it:


A blog is an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular subject with your target readers. It can be basically about anything like food, music, the latest trends, fashion, health, travel, etc. Before thinking about being a blogger, you need to decide which niche to consider. What is your passion? Are you an expert about something in which you can share tips with others? Find the niche that is seldom being filled and focus on being the go-to person for this topic. Build your personal branding this way so that you will be at the top of the minds of people when they think of this topic.


One of the most popular jobs for beginners is being a VA or Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant usually works remotely most times. They do administrative tasks like writing emails, scheduling appointments, social media posting, and a lot more. There are times they also do creative or technical work depending on the requirement of the client. They can also function as an Executive Assistant. Because of the wide job scope of this position, there are a lot of positions usually in the market for this. However, for this position, you need to be flexible and as you will perform general and Adhoc office duties.


Web developers write pages using HTML and CSS. They are responsible for building, maintaining, and fixing websites. They customize and build the style, look, and layout of a website. App developers on the other hand get an idea for an app, be it for mobile phones or computers, and then develop it. They create functions and features of an application that can help and ease the life of its end-user. They are responsible also for fixing bugs and updates to improve the application itself. Being a developer is a great career as it is in high demand and one of the fastest-growing professions in this ever-evolving digitalization era.


Computer programmers turn the program designs of software developers into commands that are followed by a computer. They write codes and test them so that software programs and applications will function well. 


A social media marketer assists in creating and maintaining a brand’s name. By now, most major brands have built a presence on social media. An SMM is someone to create, processes, explore and supervise that presence. What they do is to get consumers interested and engaged in that specific brand thru social media. SMMs are responsible for scheduled social media postings, responding and interacting with comments, issues, and inquiries, and also creating contests on such platforms. They act as community managers to ensure that the brand’s community stays delighted and contented.


The SEO or Search Engine Optimization specialist adjusts certain codes in a website so that it will stand out in a search engine like Google. Specialists make sure the website includes certain figures of most searched keywords. SEO is vital to a business’s success because, without it, the online business won’t find its clients and the website can’t find its market.  The SEO of a website is very important to be listed at the top of the list once a customer searched it in any search engine.


An affiliate marketer promotes a product or service and earns a commission for every sale made. It’s an independent entity that is more like an online agent and through them, companies attract new clients without the need for a marketing department. This has been very popular in recent years due to the launch of a lot of e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, and Shopee. 


These are usually business owners who create their websites or build online services that they can offer to customers. Digital entrepreneurs usually work by themselves or have a remote team working for them. They usually perform several roles in the company such as the owner, the marketer, the manager, and the creator. Their goal is to make sure the business is running smoothly and continue making money by selling their services.


CSRs are either employed directly by the company or by an agency. They are people that provide solutions and try to resolve problems for customers that may arise in a company. This job used to be based in the office but it has transitioned into an online job. This is an ideal job for people who are patient and loves to help others when certain issues arise.


Technical support offers minor to complex troubleshooting solutions when problems arise in the technical aspects of a system. Often, they are directly hired by companies to support and manage the internal IT systems. They function as a support role to the staff of the company or to the customers who call in when they are having trouble using the products or system.


The internet became a bridge for people across the globe that can instantly talk with each other. This also enables language learning to become known. A lot of people want to study English but it may either be too expensive or it is not readily available in their place. So if you are fluent in a language like English or any other language, then you can try this one. There are a lot of online portals now offering online English classes.


It’s one of the best skills to master as a freelancer. There are endless opportunities on the internet because every website, social media post, email, eBook, blog post advertisement needs writers to write captions or articles. Copywriting, which is basically to persuade people and sell your client’s products or in layman’s terms, is extremely important for online websites. Another option is content writing which typically writes, plans, and edits web content for digital marketing purposes such as writing blog posts and articles. They also write scripts for videos and podcasts.


UI/UX Web designers and graphic designers are great jobs for freelancers. There are a lot of opportunities for these jobs since a majority of companies nowadays need designs for logos, promotional materials, websites, merchandise among others. For this role, it is a necessity to be familiar with programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and InDesign. For designing websites, you need to know about HTML & CSS and WordPress. 


Since our target audience is mostly Digital Nomads and Kathy has been living this lifestyle for 3.5 years we frequently get asked how one can become a Digital Nomad. So, we hope that the above jobs gave you some inspiration but the reality is that there are no limits nowadays with the world wide web to make money. Put on top another whole new economy that is growing with web3 development, with the NFT and crypto space and the opportunities are endless. 

Once you’ve found a money machine that works and runs for you the next part will be how to actually maximize your money and how to leverage international solutions that make sure your wealth and freedom of movement are protected so that no matter what happens around the world, you know that you’ll continue to thrive.

Lastly, speaking from experience – as a Digital Nomad finding a community of like-minded individuals is super important. Here are a few recommendations for the best Coliving Coworking Programs for Digital Nomads.

The more you get to interact with others who are already mastering what you want to strive for, the faster you’ll get there. Networking is so incredibly important for any sort of career or business opportunity. There’s a reason why the saying goes: ‘It’s all about WHO you know’.



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