Where To Go As A Remote Worker

While the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted international travel, it has also highlighted the efficiency and benefits of remote independent working. It was obvious that the…

First Digital Nomad Visa

Back in January 2020, I announced to my email-list subscribers that Estonia might be one of the first countries in the world to enable Digital…

How the Digital Nomad lifestyle helped me during COVID-19 Crisis

I was living the Digital Nomad lifestyle for almost 2 years before COVID-19 hit. I classified as one of those Digital Nomads that would travel…

Top tools to succeed as a professional Digital Nomad

After having lived the Digital Nomad lifestyle for over a year I decided to write a blog post for anyone that is currently starting out…

Legal Things To Consider Before Becoming A Digital Nomad

So, you are thinking about becoming a Digital Nomad or you have an opportunity to take up freelancing as a full-time job and would like…

Digital Nomad Philippines Guide

After having spent 3 months in the Philippines I’ve decided to write a post that will hopefully help Digital Nomads with finding the best wifi…


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